LEO Annual Fundraiser Concert to Benefit St. Joe’s

As was so instrumental to last year’s bedding drive, this year’s benefit concert presented by LEO, 91.9 WFPK, Mom’s Music and MERF will once again donate a portion of proceeds to Star Duck Charities to provide improved residential necessities for the kids at St. Joseph Children’s Home. Performing will be Louisville legends Bodeco, the ever-talented Tyrone Cotton, and “whatever-you-want-to-call them-but-wow-are-they-incredible”Liberation Prophecy. The show at Headliners Music Hall in Louisville gets going around 8 PM.

Swimsuit Drive A Huge Success

For the second consecutive year, Star Duck was able to give each of the 40 kids at St. Joe’s a new swimsuit, a pair of goggles, his/her own towel, and a bag to carry it all to the pool. This was only possible through the yourcontributions and as much as we are grateful, imagine how much it means to the kids! Since we receive such an overwhelmingly positive response, were even able to spring for some pool toys to be shared among the groupThis was well over and above what we initally hoped to do. Just another example of how the response of the community has allowed us to continually do more and more for the kids. Thanks again!

Fundraiser Concert with VHS or BETA – Nov 29

Star Duck recently teamed with LEO Weekly who has generously agreed to make us and the children of St. Joe’s the beneficiaries of a fundraising concert November 29, at Headliners Music Hall. The headlining act will be Louisville’s own and internationally renowned VHS or Beta. If you plan on attending, buy a ticket early. This band puts on a great show and has been known to sell out Headliners. We will be there with a booth promoting the charity, so if you are interested in helping please see us at the concert.

Star Duck is also looking for additional sponsorship for our birthday parties. Unfortunately, KB Toy Store has decided to withdraw sponsorship and quit hosting the monthly birthday parties for the kids at St. Joe’s and we are looking for orgainizations interested in helping out. For more information on sponsoring birthday parties, please send us an email.

Meanwhile, the charity continues to grow. During November and December, we will be expanding our monthly activities to allow more options for our charity to continue helping kids in need. Be sure to check back for our upcoming events.