Five Year Anniversary Dinner

Though individually we have been serving St. Joseph’s Children’s Home for many more years, the summer of 2012 marks our 5th Anniversary as an official service organization. We have seen many great successes in this period, though certainly our proudest moments have been the countless times we have spent happily interacting with the children who need it and enjoy it so greatly.

It is in celebration of these five years – and our continuing commitment to provide the children of St. Joe’s with positive male interaction, birthday celebrations, necessary goods and the simple experiences which every child deserves – that we announce our Five Year Fundraiser Campaign.

The campaign will culminate in a keystone evening of food and drink at Germantown’s favorite new restaurant, Eiderdown on Monday, July 9th. Tickets, which are very limited, will be $50 and include a dinner chosen and prepared by the chef at Eiderdown, as well as drinks. There will be a very short presentation with dinner at 7:30 and a silent auction for the duration of the evening. Doors will open at 6pm.

If you are interested, we encourage you to act fast, by contacting us at, or by reaching out to someone you may know on the board.

We can accept payments of cash, check, and credit card through paypal on this website.

A heartfelt thanks to James, Heather and crew at Eiderdown Restaurant for their willingness to help us with this event. It will be fantastic.